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Pregnancy is a doozy. Whether it’s your first child, or your third, the hormones surge, the way your body changes, and the emotional stressors that a woman goes through can sometimes be overwhelming. And then comes the limiting wardrobe options. You already feel too warm without any clothes on — and all the clothes pregnant women are presented with are frilly, overcomplicated and without any longevity beyond the 39 weeks that you’ll be rocking a belly.


That’s where SAGASEED comes in. Founder Floris Oh started coming up with the brand when she was on a year-long sabbatical after she gave birth to her first child. She quips, “During my pregnancy, I found it a chore to dress up as I was actually growing in places that  didn’t expect I would. The bump was one, but the hips, the boobs and arms too!“


“I also didn’t want to buy maternity wear as they scream “I am pregnant!”, plus they tend to be frumpy looking, heavy use of fabric (like we don’t already feel hot enough!) and they tend to be made mainly polyester which is not breathable nor sustainable. Secondly, I wanted pieces that I could still wear after pregnancy and are affordable, and this doesn’t means buying bigger sizes.  I just wanted to find clothes that I will usually wear, flattering and comfortable enough to feel beautiful, pregnant or not.”


And then, came SAGASEED. Addressing all these issues and frustrations Floris encountered while pregnant, she birthed another baby — this time, a sustainable capsule maternity-wear brand that was not only incredibly pocket-friendly, she also used fabrics of top notch quality to see product longevity.


No breaking banks while you break your back growing a human being. SAGASEED launched with a five-piece collection, the T-shirt Dress, the Perfect Tee, the Perfect Tank, the Pencil Skirt and the Ultimate Legging, all affordably priced between S$39.00 – S$59.00.


Ultimately motherhood is one challenging rollercoaster that will pull you in ways you’ve never thought you could go through, and it starts the moment you get pregnancy. There’s going to be high highs and low lows, and we can’t promise you’ll love everything you’ll go through but there’s definitely one thing we can — in SAGASEED, we can promise comfort, style and ease in five capsule pieces.


Go on then, start shopping, Mama. You deserve it. ;)

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