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Our Story

Pregnancy is an exciting and life changing moment, but it can also push you to your emotional limits. In preparing to becoming a mum, you will be required to devote a large amount of space in your body, mind and heart to create and care for your child. This is also the beginning of the beautiful, complicated and forever evolving relationship you will have with yourself as a Mother. Entering motherhood with self love, self awareness and self respect is essential to your ability to ride the waves of motherhood (the joy and pain, and everything in between). So while you get caught up in planning and preparing everything for the baby, don’t forget about caring for yourself. Making time to dress yourself is a form of self care, we do it on a daily basis, why not even so during pregnancy for we have a growing bump of life to celebrate!


Sagaseed was started as I was pregnant and feeling uninspired by the options of prints, frills and layers. I wanted to dress my new body with clothes I will normally wear so I set out to create few key items that will become the essentials in your pregnancy wardrobe and beyond. I hope our collection will help to make style easier and comfortable, enabling moms-to-be and moms to feel the difference during pregnancy and motherhood. 

Our design philosophy

Simple everyday classic
We aim to create pieces that are everyday classic, offering simple and well thought designs for effortless styling from pre to post pregnancy.


Comfort comes first

Demanding only the best in ensuring each piece is stretchable, breathable and soft on skin. We put our focus on fabric selection and keeping our pieces tag-less for all day comfort.

Conscious commitment
We care for the earth we live in, where our children live in. We made an intentional effort to use sustainable fabric, work only with ethical partners and reduce waste by eliminating single item plastic packaging during shipping.

We welcome you to be part of our story, to feel the difference. 

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